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KU Leuven Research Data Management Competence Centre (RDM-CC)

The RDM-CC is a virtual collaboration of experts from different central services. The RDM-CC supports high quality research at KU Leuven Association by delivering structured RDM information, guidance, training, tools, and services and connects local and central support services.

Published onApr 26, 2023
KU Leuven Research Data Management Competence Centre (RDM-CC)


The RDM-CC is a virtual collaborative partnership of experts embedded in different central services at KU Leuven (ICTS, Research Coordination Office (DOC), KU Leuven Libraries, and LIBIS). They coordinate the rollout of various projects with regards to Research Data Management services and tools, with focus on:

  • Coordination of RDM advice, guidelines, and knowledge management.

  • RDM compliance with funder and legal guidelines.

  • Support for documentation, archiving, and publishing research data.

  • Technical RDM support and infrastructure.

Their mission is to support high quality research at KU Leuven Association by enabling researchers and support staff to implement high quality research data management practices through guidance and by delivering structured RDM information, training, tools, workflows, and services, based on a deep understanding of research practices and RDM needs of researchers. They aim to connect, collaborate with, and strengthen the robust network of RDM support people through sharing knowledge and expertise.

The RDM-CC wants to be a force in the further development of the Flemish, Belgian, and European RDM ecosystem.


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Author biographies

Johan Philips (KU Leuven) has a MSc in Computer Science, a MSc in Artificial Intelligence, and a PhD in Robotics. During his research career of more than 15 years at KU Leuven he focused on multi-robot coordination and, later, shifted to data management and workflow automation solutions that enhance research practices in engineering sciences. Currently, he is head of Research Data Management (RDM), Libraries Central Services at KU Leuven Libraries and coordinator of the Research Data Management Competence Centre (RDM-CC) at KU Leuven.

Dieuwertje Bloemen (KU Leuven) studied Literature and Linguistics at KU Leuven with a focus on English quantitative variationist linguistics. Currently, she is working at LIBIS as product manager for Lirias and RDR, KU Leuven’s institutional research data repository. Dieuwertje is also part of the RDM Competence Centre (RDM-CC) at KU Leuven where her specialty lies in post-publication of research data, with RDR being an important part of KU Leuven’s research data management infrastructure.

Ingrid Barcena Roig (KU Leuven) studied Physical Chemistry at the University of Barcelona (UB). For more than 20 years, she has been involved, mainly in a leading role, in procuring, installing, operating, and providing user support in High Performance Computing (HPC) infrastructures. Since 2013, she works at the KU Leuven central IT services (ICTS), first in the HPC user support team and since 2022 in the RDM user support team, where she leads several research data projects like the KU Leuven active research data platform (ManGO). Ingrid is also member of the RDM Competence Centre (RDM-CC) at KU Leuven as expert on RDM infrastructures and tools.

Veerle Van den Eynden (KU Leuven) is expert advisor Research Data Management (RDM) at the KU Leuven RDM Competence Centre that delivers RDM tools, services, and training to all KU Leuven researchers. She has 15 years of expertise in data management and data sharing for the social, environmental, and health sciences, providing advice, training, policy development, and practical implementation. She has worked in this area at the UK Data Archive, Medical Research Council UK, University of London, and now KU Leuven.

Kim Sterckx (KU Leuven) studied Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy at KU Leuven after which she specialized in Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation. Besides her clinical work, she engaged in two research projects as a scientific employee, worked as a practice assistant and as a clinical research assistant at the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences. Currently, she is working as RDM-expert with focus on the KU Leuven Association and the partner institutions of KU Leuven. Kim is also part of the RDM Competence Centre.

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